Rainy Garden Part 2
Rainy Garden

Silhouette Animation.
Music video for "Rainy Garden Part 2" by Maciej Bether.

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Intergalactic space travelers.
Music: Maciej Bether - Masquerade

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Pixels Rain
Synthetic Dream

Abstract colorfull plexus.
Music: Maciej Bether - Pixels Rain

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Female into the light.
Super slow motion shots captured at 200fps.
Music: Maciej Bether - Umbra

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Syntax Error
Synthetic Dream

Realtime animation made of fractals. The video is licensed under CC-BY and available here: http://vimeo.com/50338717
Music: Maciej Bether - Syntax Error [Piano]

Album available here: Bandcamp

Astronaut Part 2

Image Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov
Music: Maciej Bether - Astronaut Part 2

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Astronaut Part 1

The video is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA and available here
Directed by John Merizalde (johnmerizalde.com)
Produced by Takashi Doscher (takashidoscher.com)
Cinematography by David Torcivia (davidtorcivia.com)
Music: Maciej Bether - Astronaut Part 1

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Clockwork City

Farhang Dehzad - TimeLapse World HD.
Matthew Givot - The Angels
Christian Alan Hall - A Los Angeles Night Timelapse
Michael Müller - Ulm Timelapse
Music: Maciej Bether - Awakening

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Synthetic Dream

Video: Matthias Müller
Music: Maciej Bether - Nemesis

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Synthetic Dream

Animation: (c) copyright 2006, Blender Foundation / Netherlands Media Art Institute
Music: Maciej Bether - Escape

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Theme I

Music: Maciej Bether - Theme I

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Erik Satie
Gymnopédie No. 1 [arr. Maciej Bether]

The video is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA and available here: http://vimeo.com/50363895
Video: Alf Pilz
Music: Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No. 1 [arr. Maciej Bether]